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“Reale Events was established in 1998 after Debby Reale, the owner, wanted to live a life of blessing others – not only in her personal time but in her career as well. Reale Decorating, as the company was originally called, came to fruition with the help and support of her two daughters Amanda and Jessica, and good friend Leslie. Twenty years later, we not only do florals and decor but have expanded further into the event industry and offer a multitude of services. A number of years ago, the business became defined as Reale Events to encompass all the amazing and unique event services we can offer for your celebration. Our heartfelt gratitude for allowing Reale Events to be included in your special occasion or wedding day!”

Birch Lights.

Starry Night

Ballroom Lighting Option

Tulle & Lights

Capize Shell Strands

Ballroom Lighting & Decor Option

Green Woodland Hoops

Garland with Fairy Lights

Ballroom Lighting & Decor Option

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