B Town Wine

& Spirits

Thank you for booking the Inclusive Package at Lionscrest!


Whether planning a wedding, corporate event or celebration with family and friends, B Town is here to provide the best selection of libations for your special day.


Over 800 carefully selected wines
from all over the world.


All your local brews, hard to find releases.  Lots of sours and barrel aged goodness.


Over 200 Scotches, Whiskeys, Calvados, Amaros, and all the liquors + bitters to prepare the best cocktails.

Colorado Inclusive Details

B Town Wine & Spirits is part of the Colorado Inclusive Package

If you have booked the Colorado Inclusive Package, you will receive the following with the floist of your choice:

$575 towards liquor selections with B Town Wine & Spirits.

Deluxe Inclusive Details

B Town Wine & Spirits is part of the Deluxe Inclusive Package

If you have booked the Deluxe add-on to the Colorado Inclusive Package, you will receive the following:

– Additional $250 towards upgraded liquor with B Town Wine & Spirits.

Frequently ASKED LIQUOR QUESTIONS with colorado inclusive

When do I need to place my order?

Ideally your order should be placed 3 weeks before the event but we can always accommodate last minute orders

Do I pay Lionscrestor B town?

You must to pay B town directly, depending on your package choice and guest number, Lionscrestwill deduct a certain amount from your initial contract.

Can I substitute products within the package?

Absolutely, all the packages are fully customizable, you can add/remove/substitute any item, we just adjust the price accordingly.

Do I have to pickup the leftovers for refund?

No, both delivery and pickup are included. Your order will be delivered 3-4 days before the event and the leftovers picked up and refunded the following week.

When do I pay?

Once your order is finalized we ask for a credit card number. We charge the full amount on the delivery day.

When do I get my refund?

If there is a refund, your credit card is usually refunded within one week of the event (most of the time 4-5 days)

What is the returned policy like?

We will buy back any unopened, undamaged bottle or pack of beer. Labels on the wine or spirits need to be undamaged, 6, 12 and 20 packs need to contain the exact beers that were initially in. There is no return for Kegs. Some special orders might not be eligible for return.

Do you provide taps for kegs?

yes, we can provide taps for kegs, we have high quality taps and always have extra on site in case of failure.

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