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Thank you for booking the DELUXE Inclusive Package at Lionscrest!

 Contact Lyric Ensemble for Colorado’s finest professional musicians! Our members will provide an ambience of romance, elegance and vitality on your special day. Choose from a string duo, trio or quartet for ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions. 

We perform classical, jazz, popular and classic rock selections. Our trio of violin, guitar and cello is the ultimate instrument combination for contemporary songs. Lyric Ensemble will provide everything you need to make your experience easy, enchanting and unforgettable.

Deluxe Inclusive Details

Lyric Ensemble is an option within the Deluxe Inclusive Package

If you have booked the Deluxe add-on to the Colorado Inclusive Package, you will choose your preferred ceremony musicians, and apply:

– $500 towards a ceremony musician package you book. 

Please visit their website or contact them directly for a custom proposal.


What are your rates to play at my event?

Our ensemble rates are hourly, with a one hour minimum. Different size groups (duo, trio, quartet) have varied rates, so please contact us for current rates. (For locations outside of the Denver Metro area, there are travel fees in addition to the hourly rate.)

Do different instrument combinations mean different song selections?

Yes, each duo, trio and quartet has its own repertoire list. Some of the selections can be played by more than one combination, but please check the song list and do not assume that any combination can play a particular selection.

Under what conditions will the ensemble play outdoors?

The ensemble will play outside only if it is 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above, they are in a shaded and covered area and their instruments will not be exposed to any precipitation (i.e. blowing rain). Clients need to provide a tent/canopy and chairs for outdoor locations. 

How do I decide between a duo, trio and quartet?

For a gathering of fifty people or more we strongly recommend at least a trio so that the music will be heard. For a hundred people or more, a quartet is best. Also, remember that the song list is different for each combination. If you want Brandenburg Concerti you must have a quartet- if you want Ave Maria (by Bach) played, you must have a guitar in the ensemble.

Am I locked into the time specified on the contract?

Yes! Please allow adequate time for your event as the ensemble often has more than one function per day. For this reason, many people book 1-1/2 hours for a ceremony only. The majority of weddings start 10-15 minutes late, which can make it impossible to be finished in one hour. If your event starts promptly and it is a very short ceremony (20 minutes maximum), it will usually fit comfortably into a one hour booking. Please remember that weddings in the mountains regularly start late because guests often do not allow enough travel time.

Will the ensemble come to my wedding rehearsal?

Yes, the ensemble will attend a rehearsal but you must do a contract and pay the regular fee- whether it is a rehearsal or a wedding. It is extremely rare for us to be contracted for a rehearsal. After doing weddings for over twenty years, we feel comfortable enough to go over the details by phone and not attend rehearsals. The ensemble always arrives early enough at a wedding to speak with whomever is officiating the ceremony and clear up any last minute details.

How much space does the ensemble require?

Usually more than you expect! To perform a musical instrument comfortably (and especially with a bow), the players cannot sit close together. A cellist in particular needs adequate space.
General guidelines are:

  • Duo- 5 feet deep x 8 feet long
  • Trio- 8 feet deep x 12 feet long
  • Quartet- 10 feet deep x 15 feet long
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